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EPA licensing

South East Fibre Exports is licensed under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (POEO Act - licence no. 1482). It can be found on the EPA Website under the POEO Public Register

Under the act, SEFE is required to monitor concentrations of pollutants from SEFE’s Water Treatment Plant clarifier discharge point which flows to an ocean outfall.

Daily volume discharge limit is 1000 kilolitres.

Discharges from the clarifier are always controlled operations, and occur infrequently, usually no more than once every two years.

Pollutant Monitoring Results 2014:Monitor

A copy of SEFE's Pollution Incident Response Management Plan can be found here.



Meeting world standards

The Company currently owns approximately 6500 ha of land with the majority of this being planted to hardwood plantations. Approximately 30% of this is native forest and includes areas reserved for water and wildlife protection.

SEFE’s plantation and native forest management systems are conducted in accordance with three main codes, these being:

SEFE is accredited to the International Standard known as:

SEFE has also obtained certification to the:


The links above provide more information about these standards